Efficient Tee Sheet Management Tips

Tee Sheet Management can be one of the keys to unlocking your golf club’s true potential. The expense of managing and tending to a fine golf course is a heavy upfront cost by itself. However, as long as your members take care of your green, each new customer is a direct improvement in marginal revenue. Adding new holes or even entire courses to improve your capacity can be prohibitively costly.  Therefore, the limits of your capacity are much more to do with how many people you can fit into each day of play. The more people you can get playing and paying for your course, the more money you can make.

Your most important tool to getting golfers on and off the green at a timely rate is your tee sheet. At Mango Golf, we specialise in “tee sheet tetris” – getting the most out of your available time without making your members feel rushed or crammed into the schedule like sardines.

When you start managing your tee sheets, start by looking at what times are popular and what aren’t. If a certain time never sees members play, offer discounted prices for those slots. Don’t worry about cutting the prices for non-peak times – the worst case scenario is an empty course. The converse is also true. You can use surge pricing to raise the price of slots that are in peak times. You have to be careful however. Raising the price of peak slots too extortionately may irritate members and weaken your all-important member retention. Knowing exactly when your club is most busy can also help in other ways such as with logistics. Better to have the bar fully manned during peak hours and on skeleton detail during slack periods than maintaining a constant level of staff for both.


RevPATT might sound like the name of a kindly vicar, but actually stands for Revenue Par Average Tee Time. This is a specific form of surge pricing. Essentially, you are reducing charges for large groups of people using a golf course at once. Why this is important is that it allows you to make more marginal revenue from your available slots on your golf course, while also providing more utility for consumers. Customers who come in groups get a cheaper deal. Even as you are able to extract more money from each slot on your tee sheet. 

The most important reason of all to use tee sheet management, however, is that it’s rapidly becoming the norm for golf clubs. Competitors of yours will start benefitting from all of the above. Now you need to as well in order to keep up. But there’s no need to fret. At Mango Golf, we have all the know-how from years of industry experience in this regard, and we know exactly how to implement it. No matter the circumstances of your course.