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A – Z Marketing for Golf Clubs


Identify your target audience. Who are they?

Where are your prospects? Are they local? Do we need to go further afield?

Get creative. Think about images and videos that sell to your target market.

What is your CTA? What will make your prospects want to find out more?


Brand Awareness

Be present, get in front of your customers by using social media. It is FREE so utilise your platforms.

Be content driven. Make your posts memorable, funny, educational and relevant. Give followers a reason to engage so they come back week after week to see your content.

Video is best. This can increase engagement by as much as 1200%, ouch!

Competitive Analysis

Who are your competitors? Know this and you can then make better decisions going forward.

What do they offer, and how do you compare to them?

Benchmark yourself within the market so you know where you sit and do it every 12 weeks. Your competitors may be changing things so you need to know what they are doing and if you can improve further.

Digital Marketing

Social media visibility is vital, so get posting. All it takes is some imagination and time.

Automation – we use Enquiry Bot who are great. Saves time and resources and you still retrieve all the info you need.

SEO – get optimised. Make sure your keywords are relevant and accurate.

Don’t make it hard for your customer to get the info!

Email Marketing

Personalise your emails. This is unique an can’t be done through social media.

Continuity of your brand. Email promotes your brand every time you email a prospect, so keep it simple, slick and relevant. Always have a CTA.

Nurture these leads.

95 – 5 rule – 95% are not ready to buy now but have regular touch points.


Why Forecast? Enables you to set targets and know exactly where you are at any given time in relation to targets.

Helps you make better decisions to where to use your budget, if need be, and be effective in your spend.

Be in control.


Group Size.

Think differently. Dynamic pricing works.

Encourage bigger group sizes as this results in more added spend in the pro shop and in the bar.

Target quieter times of the day / week.

Trial a “price per tee time” approach and set prices accordingly. 

Hook (not the nasty golf shot!)

What is your teaser? Something to get the prospect to click on your ad / post. What will tempt them to go further.

Dangle that carrot!

Don’t forget your CTA. Always give them something to respond too.

Make it easy for them – 1 click and they should be where they want to be.