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Social Media – How golf clubs can utilise your platforms

Creating a series.

Create a series on a regular basis. We suggest weekly as this gives you all week to build up content to use.

Make it relevant to your audience. Tell them about the 

Video is best It’s FREE!

Run a Contest

Engage with followers and grow your brand by retweets and shares

91% of IG posts with more than 1000 likes or comments are related to contests. This means people take more notice of contests becasue they love to win something for free – who doesn’t!

Regular contests can grow accounts 70% faster.

Be relevant and impactful and be creative.

AMA! Ask me Anything.

A great way to engage with your followers first hand and show off your club.

Followers get a behind the scenes look at the venue which can also raise your brand awareness.

Don’t always be pushy or salesy and focus on many departments. 

Be open, honest and funny.

Create your own videos

Video content is very effective and can increase exposure by 1200%

Video gets exponentially more shares.

Make bite -size videos which can then be used again and again.

Be educational, funny, informative and relevant

Easy to edit and made in seconds.

Share, pin and retweet.

Don’t always post your own content, look to share, pin and retweet other posts.

Let other brands do the heavy lifting for you. This enables you to promote other brands and let’s hope this is reciprocated.

Reach a new audience with this method.

Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% fun content and 20% promo content.

Be creative and don’t always be salesy

Account Takeovers!

Inject something new into your platforms. Use someone you trust which can open up a new audience

Showcase your facilities.

Consider approaching industry leaders or celebs with a greater reach than yous