Revenue Generation

Making Money – It’s The Aim Of The Game

Revenue Generation

We see so many golf clubs not utilising all their venue to maximise sales. The golf course is the main part of the club, of course, but there are so many other ways we can help to bring in additional, and much needed revenue.

Some areas to consider:

  • Tee Sheet Utilisation – are there any times during the week we can create short term offers and incentivise visitors?
  • Membership drive – don’t wait for members to come to you, we can discover where they are now and bring them to the club
  • Societies – why would they come to your club over your competitors? We can show you how to attract more
  • Member Events – ever hold members events such as Summer dances? Valentines Dinners? Fish & Chips and 9-hole evenings?
  • Christmas Parties – these are major money makers, selling nights in November and December can account for a big percentage of a clubs annual revenue
  • Sponsorship – use your club to promote local businesses, and in the process, make money from it
  • Referrals – who are your best sales people? Your members – so let’s use them to bring in more members
  • Bounce -back-offers – give the customers a reason to come back time and again
  • Occasions – weddings, wakes, anniversaries are all fantastic ways to show off your venue and make extra income
  • Outreach – this is vital to all businesses to expand their club to new customers – have you ever thought about this?
  • Website Optimisation – when prospects are searching where they want to play golf, or have their wedding, do you appear at the top of Google?
  • Retention – make sure members don’t leave – how do you do this?

Revenue generation is one of the most important activities any business can engage in. We define it as a process by which our clients plan how to market and sell its products or services, in order to generate income – this is what we are good at!