Crisis, What Crisis

Managing Your Reputation

Managing your reputation and ensuring the longevity of your golf clubs is essential, no matter what the event. When an unforeseen event occurs, it’s how you respond under intense scrutiny that counts, so having access to an expert crisis management consultancy is vital.

It is at these pivotal moments in a golf club’s life that its future destiny can be determined, and when you need succinct crisis management that you can rely on.  Through our expertise and experience of planning and managing for and in crises, we can help you do and say the right thing under pressure so that your reputation is protected.

We know what works best to protect your reputation and we will give clear, honest and constructive crisis management advice to guide your response. We can be as hands on as you like, from simply acting as a trusted sounding board through to drafting crisis communication materials or rehearsing / acting as your spokesperson.

We are experienced in crisis management handling and so can be trusted to provide sound crisis management advice and support when you need it most!