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Why Us?

The age old question – answered


Over recent years one of our team noticed that the sheer workload placed on the role of ‘Club Manager’ is an insurmountable one. The profession of a golf club manager has changed completely over the last decade or so and we believe there is a niche in the market to offer a management consultancy to golf clubs to mentor and train suitable individuals to take up the mantle of the role whilst being on hand to offer advice. Develop and implement strategic plans to ensure their longevity for the future.

What we’re finding is that there isn’t enough time in the day for the majority of managers to do everything that they need to do in order to stay on top of every facet of the role at hand. Or if you’re a club without a manager then you’re relying solely on the goodwill of volunteer members of the club to step up to the plate and ensure that in a number of highly skilled areas the work undertaken is done so in a timely manner and to the desirable standard.

Often the jobs such as creating a risk register – which is a must for any business will never quite get to the top of the to-do list and the golf club will go without one, until a global pandemic hits and the need shows that ‘we really could have done with a risk register’…

We find that plans have been made previously, good plans, external consultants brought in to deliver a strong strategic framework for the club to move forward and progress to certain success and prosperity… only for the plans to remain in a draw for a few years and when someone finally gets round to picking them up, it’s all out of date and the process starts again – sound familiar?


What is the motivation behind creating this company and offering the services that we are?


We’ve created Mango Golf Management to; enact those plans, to create those risk registers to undertake any task at hand that the golf club (whatever your situation) needs doing to ensure that you are:

  • Compliant
  • To restructure your staffing models
  • To modernise your governance
  • To generate revenue
  • To save money
  • To become safe golf accredited
  • To facilitate change
  • To implement new tee sheet management systems
  • To improve green keeping working practices
  • To assess feasibility for re-landscaping solutions

To take the plans and templates available and facilitate action delivered to the highest level of expertise you can expect from our team and extended advisory board of experts.

We are also doing this to give back to the game we love. The entire team have golf flowing through our veins and we have more than 80 years experience at the thick end of many different roles in the industry. We want to see the game prosper for many years to come and by helping golf clubs in all manner of ways, both highlighted above and throughout our website this is our way of giving back.


Find out who we are, what makes us tick and our inspiration behind what we do and how we can help you



We created the Mango brand to enact change and make a difference. Using a simple, but effective principle – OST