Mango Bot

The best Golf Bot on the market

Turn your website visitors into customers

Mango Bot is powered by our partner, Enquiry Bot, and is an all-in-one tool to help increase & manage sales enquiries from your website.

What happens when a potential customer goes onto your website but doesn’t find what they want? The answer is, you don’t know. What does it mean to your business

Now there is a tool that enables your prospects to get the information without having to call or search through the website.

Mango Golf has partnered with this fantastic too that increases enquiries by at least 240%. It gets rid of poor customer service, wasting the customers time and reduces loss of sales. Mango Bot automatically greets your website visitors in the same friendly way you’d do it in person. 

  • Instantly ready 24/7
  • Reduce your drop off rate
  • Don’t let sales slip away
  • Acts like the perfect salesperson

Make your website into an enquiry machine!

Mango Bot does 4 things that so well we have a 99% retention rate.

1. Personalises your chat bot

2. All-in-one enquiry management systems

3. Builds a sales pipeline

4. Automated sales  

With Mango Bot you will SUPERCHARGE your enquiries by AT LEAST 240%! You will efficiently organise your sales leads, reducing your spend on other CRM systems, enabling you and the sales team to nurture every lead from start to sale.

Without Mango Bot, you could see visitors disappear without a trace, lack of data control, loss track of who are your hot prospects, all resulting in loss of revenue.


What Next?

What you’ll get from us:

  • Branded bot to your website
  • Bespoke to your requirements and venue
  • Automated responder emails and notifications
  • Enquiry Management System
  • Customer journey pipeline with drag and drop options
  • Full reporting platform
  • Unlimited enquiries
  • No long-term tie in, rolling contract

You tell us your sales plan, we design and build you your very own Mango Bot, and you start turning visitors into sales.


The question you are obviously thinking, how much?

Just one or two sales in month one could easily cover your entire year of Mango Bot. 

Contact us for a demo and to see how our Mango Bot can supercharge your enquiries and revenue like never before!